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Accepted Papers

Note: The Paper IDs. assigned are new by the organizing team. Kindly check your paper against the title and author name.

Sl. No. Paper ID Paper Title and Author(s)
1. IC007 On the Study of RBF and Polynomial Kernel Based Support Vector Machine in Web Logs Pulak Sahoo
2. IC017 Design of Low Power Comparator Circuit Based on Reversible Logic Technology H.P.Shukla
3. IC018 Design and Analysis of Fluid Structure Interaction in A Horizontal Micro Channel G S A k Reddy
4. IC020 Studying the nature of some altered genes associated with insulin signaling in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus using self-organizing maps and enrichment analysis Somnath Tagore
5. IC022 A Novel Steganography Technique Through Variable Bit Maniputation Bikromadittya Mondal
6. IC025 Nuclei Segmentation from Breast Cancer Histology Images Amresh Nikam
7. IC031 Double-Gate Junctionless Transistor for Low Power Digital Applications Ratul Kumar Baruah
8. IC045 Benchmarking and Data Modeling in NoSQL Clarence J M Tauro
9. IC047 An Approach for QoS Based Fault Reconfiguration in Service Oriented Architecture Saurabh Shrivastava
10. IC049 Collision Reduction of a Complete Multi-Entry Data Structure using Expansion Coefficients of Power(x,n) Saikat Kr Shome
11. IC052 Reconstruction Of Speech Signal Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Glottal Source Extraction Nisha Goswami
12. IC053 Recurrent Neural Network based Approach to Recognize Assamese Fricatives using Experimentally Derived Acoustic-Phonetic Features Chayashree Patgiri
13. IC054 Narrow Band Interference (NBI) mitigation technique for TH-PPM UWB systems in IEEE 802.15.3a channel using wavelet packet transform Brijesh Kumbhani
14. IC055 Fuzzy Based Panel Design for Maximum Efficiency in Solar Heater Chanchal Naskar
15. IC056 Design of an Adaptive Calibration technique based on LSSVM for Liquid Level Measurement Santhosh K V
16. IC062 Performance Evaluation of Task Assignment Algorithms in Cube-based Multiprocessor Systems Abdus Samad
17. IC063 Effect of Noise on Electro Absorption Modulator (EAM) – Used For Optical Communication Pranab Hazra
18. IC064 Management and Validation of VGI Vartika Bajpai
19. IC066 A Comparative Analysis of FETToy Simulation of CNTFET Characteristics Sanjeet Kumar Sinha
20. IC068 Power Efficient Odd Parity Generator & Checker Circuits Reginald H Vanlalchaka
21. IC069 False Circle Detection Algorithm based on Minimum Support Percentage and Euclidean Distance Virendra Kumar Yadav
22. IC071 Design of Compact MIMO Array for WLAN Application Suvarna Talatule
23. IC074 Perfect Match-Making in Indian E-matrimony Using Fuzzy-AHP and Fuzzy-TOPSIS Dr.Devendra Tayal
24. IC076 An Empirical Study of Community and Sub-Community Detection in Social Networks Applying Newman-Girvan Algorithm Deepjyoti Choudhury
25. IC077 Adaptive Aperture Aided Multi-Antenna Framework for High Data Rate Wireless Channels Parismita A. Kashyap
26. IC078 Towards Implementation of Fault Tolerant Reversible Circuits Anugrah Jain
27. IC081 Unusual Event Detection in Low Resolution Video for enhancing ATM security Sudhir Goswami
28. IC082 Model Checking a Firewall for Anomalies Nayan Basumatary
29. IC084 DTC: A framework to Detect Traffic Congestion by Mining versatile GPS data Anand Gupta
30. IC086 Automatic Indian Sign Language Recognition for Continuous Video Sequence Joyeeta Singha
31. IC089 Cosine,Walsh and Slant Wavelet Transforms for Robust Image Steganography Sudeep D. Thepade
32. IC092 Nonlinear Model based Prediction of Time Varying SISO-MIMO Channels using FANN-DFE Combination Manasjyoti Bhuyan
33. IC094 Colour Image Encryption Based On DNA Coding and Chaotic Sequences Sukalyan Som
34. IC098 Constraint Estimation For Rssi Based Handoff Between Umts And Wlan Diganta Kumar Pathak
35. IC102 MeBaSA- Metric Based Queuing Model for Scheduling in a Multi-Tier Cloud A. Stanislas
36. IC106 Noise and Power Efficient CMOS Amplifier for Biomedical Signal Recording Application Basanta Bhowmik
37. IC109 A Novel Proposed Approach for a Real Time Intelligent Interactive System as a Virtual Friend Clarence J M Tauro
38. IC113 A Variable Higher Bit Approach to Audio Steganography Soumya Banerjee
39. IC129 Understanding Location Manager in Android and Implementing an Optimal Image Geotagging Application Isha Sahu
40. IC133 A Novel Approach for Design of a Speech Enhancement System using NLMS Adaptive Filter and ZCR based Pattern Identification Sivaranjan Goswami
41. IC134 Hybridzing Chemical Reaction Optimization and Artificial Neural Network for Stock Future Index Forecasting S. C. Nayak
42. IC137 Automated Cell Detection Algorithm for Lensfree Shadow Imaging Platform Mohendra Roy
43. IC140 A Framework for Medical Text Mining using a Feature Weighted Clustering Algorithm Anirban Chakrabarty
44. IC148 Recurrent Neural Network based Approach to Recognize Assamese Vowels using Experimentally Derived Acoustic-Phonetic Features Mridusmita Sharma
45. IC155 A reliability prediction model for complex systems using data flow dependency Subhasis Mallick
46. IC158 Performance Analysis of Service Classes for IEEE 802.16m QoS Optimization Sajal Saha
47. IC163 Deadline Based Virtual Machine Provisioning to improve QoS in Cloud Computing Suhradam Patel
48. IC165 Recognition of Motion Events Of Directed Points Using a Language Based Framework Rupam Baruah
49. IC167 Capacity Analysis of Single-User and Multi-User MIMO with Split MLSE Adaptive Equalization Rashmi Sabnuam Gupta
50. IC173 New Clustering Algorithm for Vector Quantization using Slant Transform Sudeep Thepade
51. IC185 MIMO Beam-Forming for edge users in a Multi-Cell Downlink System R.Rajesh
52. IC188 Implementation of ANN based Assamese Character Recognition System with reinforcement of Radon Transform and PCA based Feature Extraction Purnima Kumari Sharma
53. IC194 Performance Analysis of Amplify-and-Forward Relay Schemes for Downlink OFDMA Communication System Chabungbam Lison Singh
54. IC205 Analog Field Programmable CMOS Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) A. G. Kapur
55. IC208 An Effective Estimation of Defect Bipin Shinde
56. IC213 Finite Element Modelling of Piezoelectric Micro-Cantilever as Gas Sensor Sandeep Arya
57. IC214 The Development of an Intelligent Aid for Blind and Old People Himanshu Singhal
58. IC222 Feature Selection based on information gain Leena. H. Patil
59. IC224 Classification of ECG using Some Novel Features Pratiksha Sarma
60. IC234 The Simple theoretical Analysis of Quantum Well Wires Superlattice of Optoelectronic Nanostructure Materials Subhamoy Singha Roy
61. IC238 Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using LBP of Essential Facial Parts and Feed Forword Neural Network Sunny Bagga
62. IC243 Comparative Study of Streaming Data Mining Techniques Shabia Shabir Khan
63. IC253 Capacity Analysis of Single-User and Multi-User MIMO with Split MLSE Adaptive Equalization Rashmi Sabnuam Gupta
64. IC255 A Research Study on Hand Tracking Algorithms For Hand Gesture Recognition Dharani Mazumdar
65. IC256 A Statistically Rule based Decision Driven approach with application of Data Fusion for suspicious behaviour detection in Computer Forensics Suneeta Satpathy
66. IC259 A New Efficient Layer Assignment Algorithm for Partitioning in 3-D VLSI Physical Design Ajoy Kumar Khan
67. IC260 Performance Evaluation of a New Image Encryption Technique Based on AES Chandra Prakash Dewangan1
68. IC261 Performance Evaluation of Feature Selection Methods for ANN Based Iris Recognition Thiyam Churjit Meetei
69. IC264 A Study on E-Learning Web Development Projects Accessibility Knowledge of People Concerned in Tamil Nadu N. Rajkumar
70. IC265 Unified Framework for Representation, Analysis of Multimedia Content for Correlation and Prediction S. Nissi Paul
71. IC268 A Topological Calculus for Firewalls Shobhanjana Kalita
72. IC269 Intelligent Relaying of UPFC based Transmission Lines Using Decision Tree Manas Kumar Jena
73. IC277 A Generic Approach for Sequence Alignment Md.Sarwar kamal
74. IC281 Join Algorithms using MapReduce: A Survey Vikas Jadhav
75. IC282 Communication by Gestures in Personal Emergency Response System Andrews Samraj
76. IC286 FPGA Implementation of Less area overhead Radix – 4 Threshold Viterbi Decoder with trace forwarding for OFDM based Cognitive Radio
77. IC287 A Novel Approach For An Efficient Implementation Of 2 Level 2D Dwt Using asic And fpga
78. IC289 Linear Regression Approach for Predicting the Stock Market Trends Based on Open and Close Price of the Month Sachin Kamley


  • The authors of the above accepted papers can proceed to the Registration Process.
  • Kindly confirm your participation by 15th August, 2013.
  • All payments are to be done through RTGS/NEFT transfer only.
  • Registered Authors are requested to mail the camera-ready papers after incorporating the reviewers’ feedback in .pdf and also in .doc(x)/.odt formats along with the duly filled in scanned copy of the Copyright Form to

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